Global Oncology and Cancer Summit -2020 | Bangalore Global Oncology and Cancer Summit -2020 | Bangalore


Arjyopa is an international online Open Access scholarly publishing Group, initiated with a mission to disseminate and distribute the quality research and scientific data around the globe via open access. We support in publishing high quality, contemporary scientific research articles of various disciplines which will undergo a detailed peer-review process. We horde internationally-recognized, peer-reviewed journals to serve the scientific and research community with validated and quality information across the broad range of disciplines.

Our conferences brings together internationally renowned speakers and scientists to create exciting and memorable events, filled with lively interactive sessions and world-class exhibitions and poster presentations.

The Global Oncology Summit - 2020, which will be a common platform for all the Healthcare Leaders coming from different parts of countries to showcase their achivement and will deliberatly discuss on the future scope and development of healthcare and pharma sector.

Raytheon Healthcare is an organization working towards providing better healthcare facilities to hospitals and healthcare organizations globally by developing applications, which could enable healthcare teams to provide quality services to patients. Raytheon Healthcare focuses on identifying largely prevailing diseases and infections across the globe and works around creating solutions by collecting data and information. Our organization creates global discussion platforms like the "Global Oncology Summit - 2020" where the underlying issues can be discussed and addressed by experts. Our idea is to create knowledge platforms to encourage young and aspiring researchers, clinicians and medical professionals with latest advancements in the field of healthcare.

Our Agenda through Global Oncology Summit - 2020 is to create a better knowledge sharing platform for the all researcher, students, industry participants coming from all around the globe. We are sure that the Global Oncology Summit - 2020 will be educative and also will encourage delegates to share their research views with fellow participants.

Global Oncology and Cancer Summit -2020 | Bangalore


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Global Oncology and Cancer Summit -2020 | Bangalore